With so much hideous malware, including RansomWare, being spread at a vastly accelerate rates these days, I trust anti-malware tools (anti-virus, etc) and firewalls far less than I had. The safest solution (although there's no way to be completely safe, of course) is simply to work offline whenever possible. And it's almost always possible for me, except when trying to use any Applian software!

Now, I realize that to use much of Applian's software, for example the Media Catcher or Video Catcher, it's not just impossible, it's completely pointless to try to work offline.

But that's NOT true for the Media Converter! There's absolutely no justified reason for needing to be online simply to convert on-disk media! Nevertheless, it refuses to run offline because -- allegedly -- it "needs" to check your license -- again, and Again, AND AGAIN, for all eternity!

I can't respect a company that so utterly distrusts it's paid users so much. Sure, there's lots of piracy. But that can't be avoided! I have a lifetime license. Why not confirm my license ONCE for every new version -- at least for the Media Converter -- and then STOP checking? Completely? They can keep checking for the various capture tools, since one has to be online to use them anyway. But why not change the procedure for things line the converter and video lock and whatever else can be easily and always used offline? Or at least check no more than once a month?

What say you all?