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Thread: Best format to use for burning video file to dvd - second request

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    Default Best format to use for burning video file to dvd - second request

    I am using the Replay Media Capture Suite for Mac. The Media Catcher works well for recording streaming videos.
    Now I want to put those videos on a DVD to watch on a DVD player attached to a high-def television.
    Replay Converter for Mac has a variety of choices for output format but I do not know which one would be suitable for a DVD player.
    I do not see MPEG in the list of output formats on the Mac product.
    There is a long list of devices with no indication of what actual format is associated with each device.
    The user guide should have had this information since it was not listed on-screen.
    There is no "DVD player" option listed. What do I choose?
    I know that the Windows version has a DVD-NTSC option, I am surprised that the Mac product does not have that option.
    The choice is not obvious to me. I first asked this question one year ago have not yet had an answer.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Best format to use for burning video file to dvd - second request

    What format does your DVD Player say to use? I would convert to that format. Thanks.

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