I've looked for an option to provide feedback on products through the site, and have found none, so I'll just post this here.

I've recently just discovered that the updated Replay Telecorder for Skype (Replay Telecorder 2) has been released...finally. I've waited for this for months, ever since I've gotten Windows 10 and found out that the older version of the program crashed Skype whenever I tried to use it.

I've since only used the new version once, and already I don't like it. I was hoping that when this was released that it would have the same form of interface to it that I like and was very easy to use, not to mention that it would auto-record my Skype calls.

It has, nor does either one.

I don't like the interface, and I don't like that it no longer auto-records my calls. There isn't even an option in the Settings to auto-record anymore. Why couldn't the older look and auto-record options be used for the new release?

Since waiting for this program to be updated for compatibility with Windows 10, I've used Evaer, which works well in recording...the only thing I don't like about it is that it separates the audio and video calls, instead of joining them like Replay Telecorder does. But with this new version of Replay Telecorder, I'm afraid I may have to revert back to Evaer, simply because the interface is much easier to use, and the program has the auto-record feature I prefer.

I hope in the future that these things are implemented in updated releases.