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Thread: Tagging issue

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    Default Tagging issue

    Help (Please) !

    I have Real Music 7 and have upgraded to the latest version, to try and resolve this issue.

    Tagging isn't working - I have tagging set - Settings > naming Rules > Lookup & Tag music is set to "On"

    I also have "Enable ID3 Naming Rule" On. (I've tried this with ID3v2 set to "2" and "3".

    Hardly ANY songs get tagged. Most often they come up with an artist name of "Iyaz"; Genre of "Electro-R&B; reggae fusion." Neither of these is correct. I've googled "Iyaz" and he/she had a song called "Replay" - so that's involved in this confusion somewhere.

    VERY occasionally the correct tag will appear.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Tagging issue

    What format and bitrate are you recording/ How new is the music?

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