I use WatchTCM on my computer using my cable login. I have been experimenting recording using Replay Video. I've done this in the past a few times with Warner Archive and the shows looked really good but when I do WatchTCM they are very soft images (sometimes blurry or people missing faces).

I haven't been able to determine if WatchTCM is just sending out such a low res video or if there is something I can do to improve my video capture. I was hoping someone on here could give me some advice or is there some other way of accessing TCM (via Roku or other way) and recording it.

I have a quad core pc running Windows 8. My internet runs around 10-12 mbs. In RVC I have the video bitrate set to 12,000, 29.97 fps, output to mpeg2. Since I can record from Warner Archive and the video looks so good I suspect there is nothing I can do to improve the Watch TCM recordings but I'm hoping you guys have some suggestions that might help.


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