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Thread: can you use this with microsft edg?

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    Default Re: can you use this with microsft edg?

    Same problem. No ability to capture stream with the Microsoft Store app in Windows 10. This is seemingly exclusive to Windows 10.

    For Applian support staff to test: You'll need a Windows 10 computer, open the Windows Store app and watch a free movie trailer. The trailer is opened directly in the Windows Store app (not in a browser window, and there's no link to get it into a browser window). I've tried capturing the stream with RMC6, when a movie was playing in the Windows Store app, also with a trailer, and RMC6 apparently doesn't see either stream because nothing is recorded when RMC6 is in the auto capture mode.

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    Default Re: can you use this with microsft edg?

    for that you would use our screen capture program and not Replay Media Catcher. This is actually on Replay Video captures forum. Thanks.


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