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Thread: RR9 and stopped recordings

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    Default RR9 and stopped recordings

    Most of the shows I record are 3-4 hours in length. Unlike Replay AV, when RR9 encounters a problem with the stream its recording, i.e. dropped streams, RR9 converts to the designated format and quits. There is no attempt to resume the recording for the remainder of the Duration time setting. Replay AV would attempt to record the stream for the remainder of the record time, thus you might get multiple segments of the show, but it didn't just quit. Why doesn't RR9 continue to try recording for the remainder of the Duration time setting? Or is there a setting for this?


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    There is currently not a setting for that. The developer is aware of this as a request but at this time I don't know what the plans are for this. Thanks.

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    Default Re: RR9 and stopped recordings

    I have noticed this also
    if a recording has been stopped or interrupted it's impossible to restart it
    seems an entire new recording has to be set up to finish the session

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