Can't download any streaming media from youtube or hulu. This program worked on windows 7 in an earlier version. I'm about to give up on this software using windows 8. I have
installed, uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same result every time. Also tried IE, but I get the same result with that browser as I do with firefox.

When I open the setting box the program freezes and I have to use control alt delete to close it. When I use either the auto record or copy and past url method the result is also the same. I
get 'complete with errors) 0kb downloaded. Media Catcher sees the video and shows the correct title, but this software isn't downloading anything. I'm going to try to download an earlier
version, if that doesn't work, I'll be using a download add on in firefox that works with no issues at all.

Has anyone else had success using this program in windows 8.1?