I have a new Replay Video Capture for Mac, but I don't think the issue I am going to describe is unique to the Mac version. The problem had started showing up in my
older RVC for PC.
OK, first of all, when I record an Xfinity TV show from a source like PBS that does not have commercials, it works fine.. The program records in good quality for the time
selected. BUT, when I try to record a program from a source like a commercial network, here is what happens: Typically when the program starts there is an opening
commercial which usually appears in a smaller window than the program will. I always wait until that first commercial is over, then when the regular sized window opens
and the show itself starts, I click on "get window" and size the window and start the recording. The show will run normally for up to a minute, and then what happens is, the
show stops and is replaced by "your program will return momentarily", but it never does! It is that smaller ad window like at the beginning, but no ad appears. The window
stays blank and nothing more happens. I've tried watching the video WITHOUT recording it and this does not happen. So, is the act of recording triggering this interruption?
"How does it know??". Is there anything that can be done to circumvent this?