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Thread: FLV player and home network?

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    Default FLV player and home network?

    Is it possible to configure the FLV Media Player to access files on another computer in a home network. When I open the program and select Open File I get the Open Media Dialog Box. Under the File Tab there is an empty File Selection box. If I click "Add" it opens up an explorer box that enables me to navigate to the file I want. If the file I select is on one of my local drives then all is good. However if I navigate to a fiel on another computer in my home network it doesn't add it.

    Is there a way around this?

    Can someone also tell me where I can find out what version of the FLV player I am running. I don't see any kind of Help | About selection where that kind of information is normally available. I also don't see it under preferences.


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    Default Re: FLV player and home network?

    There is not a way to have it open a file from another system on your network. We do not have the version number posted either. It has not been updated for awhile however.

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