The OP seems to have gone away: there's a thread subject, but no body - so I am posting this one.

The OP was about the problem of opening up a Chrome window and recording a NetFlix vid, only to have part of the window borders appear in the vid as per the red-marked areas in

Manually adjusting the selection rectangle, of course, is a possibility - but there is a certain nuisance factor there, not to mention the possibility of error with such a fine adjustment.

I think I have a workaround which allows a recording just by clicking RVC's "Accept" or "Record" using the default rectangle assigned by RVC.Get Video.

This is running under Windows 7 with an Aero-themed desktop.

  • Use FireFox instead of Chrome (I wound up with FF 35)
  • Install an Extension called "Hide Caption Title bar Plus"
  • Create a FireFox Shortcut that opens up a window pre-sized to give a 720x480 rip.
  • Open up FireFox, click the ShortCut you just set up, and the pre-sized window will appear.
  • Start the video you want, tell RVC to "Get Video", click "Accept", re-wind the video to beginning, and click RVC's "Record".

Works for me under Windows 7 with an Aero-themed desktop. Hopefully it will work for you.

The FireFox shortcut's Properties.Location should be:"",%20"Screen%20Scraper",%20"%20top=0,%20left =05,%20width=720,%20height=504")

Why height=504 and not 480? Dunno... but it works.