This is my second attempt - the first post seems to have gone to The Great Bit Bucket In The Sky.

The task: To schedule a NetFlix capture at given resolution (as determined by Window Size).

I can force a Chrome window using a shortcut with the following "URL":
javascript:"", "Screen Scraper", "status=0, location=0, resizable=0, top=625, left=1185, width=720, height=480")
But it needs an existing Chrome window to tell it which monitor to open on.

I tried pasting that "URL" into RVC's scheduler (adjusted for the specific URL of the NetFlix video I wanted to record), but when the Scheduler fired, somebody got confused and the recording was of a totally different place on a different monitor.

I want the specific window size so I can record a file that is not too huge and does not need too much bandwidth (as in viewing on an Android tablet over WiFi N).

This is from a total noob - so maybe I am going at the file-size/resolution thing from the wrong angle.... and I am hoping an experienced user can show me the Good-Right-And-Holy Path....