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Thread: Scheduling NetFlix Captures: Controlling Window Size/Placement?

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    Default Scheduling NetFlix Captures: Controlling Window Size/Placement?

    I've tried a couple of scheduled captures, but they always seem to open up Chrome with the window size/placement that it had last time I was using it.

    What I want is a specific-size window to control the resolution (and the size/bandwidth needs) of the recording.

    I can do it manually using a Chrome shortcut with the following in the URL field:

    javascript:"", "Screen Scraper", "status=0, location=0, resizable=0, top=625, left=1185, width=720, height=480")
    This opens up a Chrome window in the lower right of whichever monitor another Chrome window is open on and sizes it to 720x480.

    But when I try pasting that (amended with the URL of the video I want to record) into RVC's Scheduler window, it seems to get goofy: starts recording at the scheduled time, but aimed at the wrong place on the monitor (in fact, even on the wrong monitor).

    Seems reasonable right off the bat because there's no existing Chrome window to tell it where to open the new window.

    Bottom line: I would like to use RVC's Scheduler, but want to control the size/resolution of the video it records.

    I have tried the "DVD" output option, but the results were not pretty....]

    This is from a total noob - so maybe the solution is obvious to an experienced user.....


    Edit 2015 02-16 09:14:

    I should add that part of what is driving this little rant is the slight mismatch in window sizes when I manually invoke RVC and just take it's pre-selected window.


    Note the blue bars - each marked by a red ellipse.

    Of course manually fiddling with RVC's selection rectangle can get rid of them - but that seems error-prone and has a certain nuisance factor.

    They seem to be the window borders....and they are consistent over all videos I have captured, so I'm thinking maybe some way to tweak the selection rectangle by a set number of pixels.
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