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Thread: RVC is creating two files (mpg and mp4)

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    Default RVC is creating two files (mpg and mp4)

    When I capture a video, Replay Video Capture (RVC) writes two files. First, it writes an MPG file. This file is sitting there when I finish recording. It also writes an MP4 file that is not finished when the recording is over and I exit RVC. What happens is ffmpeg.exe continues to run in a console window, and appears to be writing this other file. When it finishes, the MP4 file is about half the size of the MPG file.

    What is the purpose of creating two files.

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    Default Re: RVC is creating two files (mpg and mp4)


    The original file is created and then the program is converting it to the second format you want. In order to have the different format with our screen capture program this is the process that is required. Thanks.

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