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Thread: I cannot download previously purchased Replay Video Capture 7.1

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    Default I cannot download previously purchased Replay Video Capture 7.1

    I purchased the Replay Suite - Everything Upgrade (2014-03-23); and Applian gave me the following download links:

    Download Replay Radio 9 (version here
    Download Replay Media Catcher (version here
    Download Replay Video Capture (version 7.1) here
    Download Replay Music (version 6.1) here
    Download Replay Converter (version 4.0) here
    Download Replay Media Splitter (version 2.0) here
    Download Video Padlock (version 1.0) here
    Download Replay Telecorder for Skype (version 1.1) here
    Download Replay AV (version 8.83) here

    However, the links for Replay Video Capture, Replay Media Splitter, and Replay Converter only take you to the new product that requires a new registration number for an upgrade. Anyone else experience this? Can you supply a link for downloading the prior versions; e.g., Replay Video Capture 7.1? (My hard drive failed, and I desire to reinstall.) Thanks!

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    Default Re: I cannot download previously purchased Replay Video Capture 7.1


    The older versions are on the bottom of the download page for each program. Replay Video Capture has a free update from version 7.1 to the latest version. use it. The same with replay Converter and Splitter.

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