I've been using RMC5 to capture live TV streams, and after some trial and error, I can get it to work by opening the stream in FLV Player. It records perfectly. Even using the scheduler, RMC records the stream just fine. The only problem is that after the recording stops, the stream continues to play. This is not specific to FLV Player. This also applies to any browser window that opens as a result of a scheduled recording. If I'm not around to shut the stream down, that can really burn the banwidth, especially if I were to record a second program.

Is there any setting in RMC that will stop the stream (close the tab/app, etc.) when the scheduled recording is done?

I notice that a similar question was asked in 2012, with no response. Given the time that has passed, and the changes to RMC since then, it's probably not a bad idea to start a new thread for this issue.

Any help is appreciated.