Hi Cheryl,
Hope all is well with you all at Applian.
I was wondering, if I've recorded some tracks but stopped a rec session and start again another time, would it be possible to have a feature that you can say track number to start with instead of the default 1. So say I've recorded tracks 1-5 and end the rec session, a feature to tell RM to start rec name and Tag the file, but starting with track 6?
Not sure if this makes sense but an idea for an update of version 7.0
Also the button so you can transfer to iTunes after importing tracks instead of having to click rec then off again. (One I've been asking about for a long time)

An ability to have like a sticky option so that the RM interface remembers where you last had the screen on your computer screen instead of starting in the middle every time. This again could be a tick box option.

Many thanks