I can trim a video file (version 1) and save it as a new file (version 2). When I played the new file (version 2) I saw that I missed removing a few frames from the start of the video. I have loaded version 2 into Replay Media Splitter and trimmed off the few frames but the new output file (version 3) still has the extra frames at the beginning of the file.

On the left side of the window under Output; The Selection does show the 'from' and 'to' with the correct start and stop markers.

This only happens when trying to edit a video that has already been split (version 2), never with a new file (version 1).

Version 1
File type = MP4
File size = 951,526KB

Version 2 File type = MP4
File size = 951,526KB

Replay Media Splitter
Installation version 2. 2. 1409. 56
Version 2. 2. 1404. 9
Status: Registered Version