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    Default Better naming rules for

    This is a great program but it really needs to detect file naming better for LIVE broadcasts on I think it would be perfect if it could pick up on the broadcaster name a lot better.

    As it stands now:
    "Live on Younow....flv"
    "YouNow - Broadcast live, video chat and meet new friends!....flv "

    ..are the only ways it is naming the downloads for LIVE streams when I play around with the naming rules.

    I think naming scheme from the URL would be the best way, if only it worked properly. For example my name is tp9ine. The URL of my channel looks like hxxp://

    So it would be amazing if it would name my downloads as tp9ine.flv, tp9ine - 1.flv, tp9ine - 2.flv, etc.

    Can this pleaase be fixed?

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    Default Re: Better naming rules for

    Thank you for the suggestions. The developers do read this so you never know.

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