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Thread: Amazon mp3 tunes/ converting to Zune

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    Smile Amazon mp3 tunes/ converting to Zune

    I have the newest Applian Replay Suite, Media Capture and alot of the programs (best programs I have ever had ) I want to buy some Album soundtracks from Amazon where you download using the MP3 downloads. Like "The Lost Boys, The Tribe" . I am buying them for my son to use on his Zune player.

    I had a few questions before buying

    1. when I buy them , is it better to do it through Itunes or Windows Media Player?

    2. Then how do I convert them to use in his Zune player and yet still be able use in on his laptop? Which program do I use?


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    When you buy music from iTunes it is DRM protected. These are difficult for our program to record and/or convert to a different format. The program that you use to convert a file is called Replay Converter. It is in the suite of programs that you purchased. Thanks.

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    Thanks alot for answer so quick I appreciate your help

    So would it be better to buy them using Windows media player ? You get to pick which one you want to download them with. I think that is why I dont buy alot through Itunes.

    The main reason I am buying them is to give to Kris to use one his Zune and not paying for shipping seems the best way to go

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