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Thread: Record both sides of Conversation - Part of screen view cut out

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    Default Record both sides of Conversation - Part of screen view cut out

    I record my music lessons over skype. It records side by side good with audio and video.
    However, what I see on Skype is not what is recorded..... it doesn't record the complete video view, ... it cuts off about 25 percent.
    This is not good as I cannot fully see what is being done in the lesson. If i move the camera further back as to include a larger viewing area, I will be too far away from the camera for the instructor to see what I am doing. My instructor also records the lesson in split screen view and sends me a copy. The whole viewing area is present, which is good. However the audio and video quality isn't as good as my program. Is there a way I can have the skype recorder record the side by side viw "fully" and not cut off anything. Cna this be fixed or do I need another program?


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    Default Re: Record both sides of Conversation - Part of screen view cut out

    The program is meant to capture just the people that are in the window and not other aspects. A suggestion is to change the video image size in the options of the program and see if that makes a difference. You would
    need to experiment with the various ones to see what is going to give you the best capture of what you want.

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