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Thread: Browsing or doing other tasks while recording

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    Default Browsing or doing other tasks while recording

    I have a big enough system that it could handle browsing the web or doing other small tasks but...

    My question is what about the sounds?
    Will notification sounds from email be recorded too?
    Or if I open up a website that plays sounds or music?
    YouTube Etc?

    I am using Windows 7



    I did a little testing and it seems like it does not record any other sounds.
    Does it focus on only what was being recorded originally?

    I tried playing a YouTube video and it did not record it.

    I just want to make sure I am not missing something and ruin my recordings.

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    Default Re: Browsing or doing other tasks while recording

    Each computer is a little different as to how it works. You did it right by experimenting. Use the Win Audio Driver and it should work with a YouTube video without an issue. If you have a mic I would disable it when doing a
    recording so it doesn't come into play.

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