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Thread: Audio Driver vs Windows Audio Driver

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    Default Audio Driver vs Windows Audio Driver


    I've been a user of RM for years but don't use it a ton. I was wanting to record some music but now, all of a sudden, I can't get the "Audio Driver" to work. This is what I used to use and it worked well. Not sure if this is the first time I've tried since upgrading to Windows 8 or what, if anything, changed in my system. Currently I am running Windows 8 64bit. Replay music will record when using the Windows Audio Driver but doesn't register any sound with Audio Driver.

    Are there any tricks to get Audio Driver to work? I don't want to have to mess around with system sounds blah blah blah and I'm certain Audio Driver used to work on my computer.


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    Default Re: Audio Driver vs Windows Audio Driver

    The audio driver works primarily with Windows XP and not with the newer operating systems. This is due to changes in technology and one of the reasons our developer added the win audio driver to the program.

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