ok, so I downloaded a movie, and when I tried to open it it says that it needs somekind of security update from windows media player so I updated it and tried again to open the movie.
It opens a small notification box with a title of (Media usage Rights Acquisition)
and inside the box it says (you need FLVPLAYER to play this movie) with a (DOWNLOAD HERE NOW!) under it
so I go to the link and it takes me to (http://www.flvtube.net/1041)
after I hit the download button my anti-virus kicks in and stops it stating some-kind of viruse
so I download a freeware FLV player and try playing the movie there but it doesn't work and as for the message that I previously said (about the usage rights) I got that message in all the apps I tried to open with (from WMP or Real or winamp or powerdvd etc...)
So in order to play an FLV file in the FLV player the file has to be .flv not .wma, so I download a freeware WMV to FLV converter and try to convert the file but the converter kept stating an ERROR in decoding the movie...

any help would be appreciated
any Idea on what's going on?