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    The new version of Replay Video Capture allows you you capture in MP4. Is there any benefit in doing this? I usually use mpg, but that file type will only play on the computer. If I burn the capture to a dvd, the capture will not play on my blu-ray, But other MP4 files do play on my blu ray. I was wondering if a rvc in MP4 would play as well, or will the quality suffer. I usually convert the mpg capture to a DVD using Nero video, but I wonder if I don't lose some quality that way as well. I think the horizontal and vertical measurements on interdependent. So I'm sure some resizing is going on. I know that the new version rvc adds a black bar at the bottom of my capture, even though I was careful to only select the video. I assume this is because of the interdependence that I spoke of. There is no way to size the video window that I know of since there are no measurements and you can size the width and height independantly.


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    We offer the various formats to meet the needs of people. One does not have a benefit over another as far as the quality. It is a personal choice.


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