Not sure if I need to raise a support ticket for this or just post here as it is probably a general issue rather than specific to me, but I'm having a problem downloading from the BBC's new "iPlayer Radio" (as distinct from the Radio section of the existing iPlayer).

I'm using RMC and have previously been able to rapidly download radio programmes that are at least 3 hours long from the iPlayer, despite what it says in the FAQ:

RTMP streams longer than an hour are not compatible with the Super Download feature. Please deselect Super Download in Settings->Internet->RTMP Adv.

There is a slight pause when it reaches the end of each hour and automatically reconnects, but I rarely have any trouble getting the whole programme.

As they are encouraging us to switch over to the new system I have been using that instead today and find I have to disable Super Download in order to capture programmes that are longer than 1 hour. With it enabled, the time in the Status column reaches about 1:00:20 and freezes for while, then the status changes to "Sending pong" and stays like that until I cancel it. If I go back to the old iPlayer and play the same programme it downloads OK.

Here's an example of one I'm having trouble with (only 2 days left to listen, so let me know if you need another example):

Old site:

New site:

Any workaround / fix in the offing please? If not I'll just have to grab all the short programmes first when I do my daily downloading session then disable Super Download and leave my PC running for a few hours while it grabs the long programmes in real time. Fortunately it can capture more than one stream at a time or else it would take forever!