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Thread: last 1 or 2 minutes of conversion lost

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    Default last 1 or 2 minutes of conversion lost

    I am converting to MP3 via the sound card driver. Some times I do not get the last 1 to 2 minutes of the original file in the MP3 file. I am assuming the remainder of the file is fine (no problems noticed).
    This does not always occur, I usually set record time to original file play time plus 5 minutes but have extended by an hour and still had the problem. Not sure why it works when it does as the input is the same.

    Wed Dec 10 3:42:37 PM Too many streams. Some data may be lost

    Audio Record Summary:
    Version 8.52
    URL =
    Next = Unscheduled
    Source = General Streaming Audio
    Record-to Format = MP3 AM Stereo Quality (14 Mb/hour)
    Convert-to Format = Nothing - Leave As Is
    Audio Record Method = Replay AV Audio Driver
    Eliminate Dead Air: 30 Seconds
    No Create New Track after silence option
    No Split Tracks after time
    Automatic retuning disabled
    Mute while recording disabled
    Tuning Format: Other

    Wed Dec 10 8:27:31 AM Start Recording False Memories 1 Dean Koontz
    Wed Dec 10 2:43:01 PM Maximum number of streams detected
    Wed Dec 10 3:42:37 PM End Recording
    Wed Dec 10 3:42:37 PM Too many streams. Some data may be lost
    Wed Dec 10 3:42:54 PM Moved file from C:\WINDOWS\Temp\arad3.wav
    Wed Dec 10 3:42:54 PM Moved file to D:\MyDocuments\My Recordings\False Memories 1 Dean Koontz\False Memories 1 Dean Koontz Dec 10.mp3
    Wed Dec 10 5:42:09 PM

    Any help appreciated

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    Try and record using stream capture instead of audio. Apparently this site has a lot of different streams and AV can handle only so many in audio format. Thanks.

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    I was playing a file to create an MP3 version.

    What I think was happening was when I was near the end of the recording I would start doing some other work while waiting for it to finish.

    It appears I was triggering other sounds (appointment reminder sound, etc) that were interfering with the recording (which I did not hear as speakers turned down). At one point my entire 6 hour recording consisted of a 5 second windows wav file and this is when I realized what was happening.

    I thought that sending another sound through the sound card would only inter fer with the recording rather than terminating it.

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