Dear forum users and supporters,
after recently upgrading to Windows 8.1, RVC7 was no longer working correctly for me. It would no longer capture the entire screen. No matter, if set to full screen capture or if I manually try to mark an area - it only worked with the upper-left 3/4 of the screen. The marker was marking the correct area, but recorded was some other part of the screen.

Went through various program options, did a reinstall of the latest RVC7 version from the webpage, even downgraded the video card driver, with no success.

Then, while preparing this post, I accidentally stumbled upon the solution - setting the font size in Windows from the install default of Medium (125%) to Smaller (100%) made RVC7 working correctly again.

Root cause seems to be some incorrectly reported screen resolution by the Nvidia driver - I had the driver tool still open from re-upgrading the video card driver and noticed the invalid values. Nvidia forum provided the tip with changing the windows font size.

So, it seems RVC7 is using the same place to determine the current screen resolution as the Nvidia software does. Windows 8 does not, it reports the correct, full resolution. While I am willing to accept that this behavior is due to a bug in the video driver, I would prefer if RVC7 would still work correctly. Maybe someone from the applian devs can look into this - could be an easy enhancement.

Kind regards,