I am having a very frustrating issue with version 5.55 where I need Replay Music recordings I make to retain the silent parts in the MIDDLE of EDM/dance music I am recording. It also does this with Dubstep songs and it's very frustrating. Basically if there is a part of the song where the beat cuts out completely and must start on time, stupid replay music will cut out the silence so that a) you cannot mix as a DJ since the beat sync screws all up, starting in time and all of a sudden going off-time due to the beat starting back early since there should have been silence and b) I simply want replay music to record the whole darn song WITH the silent parts intact and on beat! Am I doing something wrong?

It splitting tab I do NOT have auto-split tracks checked, nor ignore audio close split. Minimum milliseconds of silence is 10000 and do not record or split if track is less than 20 seconds. Vol cut off is ZERO.

WHY THE HECK IS REPLAY REMOVING THE SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SONGS! I don't even care about splitting tracks I just want to record a single song and not start the music early due to removing silent parts. I don't think I can be any more clear. Curious why there aren't more threads on this. I've had to deal with this for well over a year.