Recently my RAV 8.8x stopped recording only some podcasts--but not all--even though I'd made no changes to any show entries.

One show has been in Schedule8.dat for years and another is the latest addition to the .dat file. I have verified the RSS feed is current and correct for both and that I can manually "Save link as..." from the RSS "Live Bookmark" page in Firefox 23 and download/listen to the .mp3.

I removed and downgraded RAV to a prior v8.8x version and used its new, blank Schedule8.dat file. After manually adding both podcasts to that new .dat file, the same result: "No new podcasts/RSS feeds available...."

I'm in IT and have spare computers, so have always dedicated a computer to do nothing but RAV functions. After the issue above started, I replaced the old/existing PC with a different (clean) device/install of Windows 7 and got the same result.

There is ZERO information in any Windows Event Viewer log to give me a clue. The RAV "show_activity.txt" file for each show has these lines at the end of each attempt:

========== Logfile 1 Example Start ==========
Thu Sep 12 1:55:16 PM Downloading Podcast/RSS Feed NPR Programs- Wait Wait... Don-t Tell Me! Podcast
Thu Sep 12 1:55:16 PM Podcast/RSS URL: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=35
Thu Sep 12 1:55:17 PM No new Podcasts/RSS Feeds available for NPR Programs- Wait Wait... Don-t Tell Me! Podcast
========== Logfile 1 Example Ends ==========

========== Logfile 2 Example Start ==========
Mon Sep 2 4:41:15 PM Downloading Podcast/RSS Feed Harmontown
Mon Sep 2 4:41:15 PM Podcast/RSS URL: http://www.castmate.fm/feed.php?u=harmontownpodcast
Mon Sep 2 4:41:15 PM No new Podcasts/RSS Feeds available for Harmontown
========== Logfile 2 Example Ends ==========

If you have any clues to this, I'd deeply appreciate it. I've got the RR9- build testing on another machine but have NOT tested it with these podcasts yet to not confuse...anything.

Two PC Builds Details:

Prior PC was Win7 Pro 64-bit that worked perfectly for at least a year, then suddenly (without being updated/patched) stopped downloading some podcasts only.

Current PC is a new, clean install (existing drive contents wiped, new disk partition) with Win7 Pro 64-bit and a new install of RAV 8.83b using the prior machine's Schedule8.dat file first, then a blank Schedule8.dat file with both shows added manually from verified-current RSS feed URLs. Downgrade to RAV 8.81 (after deleting registry info in HKLM and HKCU for all Applian/RAV entries) yielded same result.

Thanks for your time and help!