This may be a bug. On Sunday evenings, while recording from stream from URL, I have other software, including Winamp and Replay A/V, running in the background for catching podcasts. If one or both of those programs happens to go out and check for podcasts and downloads one, Replay Media Catcher of course will also see that download. It captures the podcast, saves it as an MP3 and then shuts down, apparently thinking it's done. In the meantime, is still going on and I miss the last hour of the stream. This has happened three weeks in a row, and I'm starting to see a pattern. Next Sunday, I can try shutting down Winamp and Replay A/V and see if Replay Media Catcher gets the whole stream uninterrupted. I'm recording another stream on Sunday mornings, (from the same URL), and that one works without any problem. I have these two stream record events set up in the scheduler.