I was able to find 1 post in the forums which addressed configuring with the TOR (torproject.org)... and the solution in that post did not work in my case.

I point my browser to a TOR SOCKS5 proxy on port 9050. My browser is online through TOR but I cannot get Replay Media Catcher 4 (RMC4) to detect any type of media playing through the browser while using TOR. Port 9050 is the listening port for TOR on localhost.

If I play a flash movie through my browser when not pointed to the tor proxy, RMC4 will detect and download the flash movie.

If I then point my browser to connect through the tor SOCKS5 proxy at port 9050, then play the same flash video from the same site on the same browser, RMC4 doesn't detect the video.

I did set RMC4 to listen on port 9050 for HTTP traffic to see if it would help but this didn't work. I am unsure how to set this up. I would like for RMC4 to not only detect media playing through my tor-configured browser, but also have RMC4 go through the tor network when downloading the media.

Anyone assist with configuring RMC4 to work with the tor network? Is this just not possible from the RMC4-side of this situation? Would RMC5 have functionality that would make what I'm trying to do possible?