Hi, I have used Freecorder for years, mainly for recording audio from the web and talks from radio stations and it's mostly worked OK.

I now have the "Freecorder - Audio (Not Responding)" error problem that's been reported in various other posts and occurs when the 'Stop Recording' button is pressed. Freecorder freezes and no mp3 file is saved and it seems the only thing to do is close it, but in doing so the recorded file is lost.

I have just recorded an important message but it's now frozen before saving the file and I can't find the answer here or anywhere else on the web to a simple question.

PLEASE where is the temporary audio file stored so I can recover it?

I'm using Windows 7, Firefox 22 & Freecorder 5. I've tried later versions of Freecorder but have always had install problems. I am very computer literate as I've used & programmed computers since 1966.

Thanks for any help. Just hope I get a response soon as I won't turn off the computer.

Regards, Robert