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Thread: Viewing download content in a useful manner

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    Default Viewing download content in a useful manner

    I'm a new RMC user so forgive me if this seems like a dumb question

    I've had such success with RMC5 that I am now drowning in

    What I need is a better way of sorting through what I've downloaded. I like the 'standard' thumbnails, but when you have thousands of them, finding a title becomes a burden.

    I like how the Windows file explorer permits me to view folder/file content in quite a few ways, the most useful to me being: List, Details, Arrange by, Sort by, Group by, Choose details. When it comes to the thumbnail-only interface, it simply doesn't scale well in terms of it's ability to allow me to find stuff.

    Love to hear back on this. Also, if there 'is' a way to view downloaded content by any of the above mentioned, please share.

    warm regards

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    Default Re: Viewing download content in a useful manner

    Nice idea. I would like to have this too please.

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