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Thread: Sound records fine, but no video.

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    Default Sound records fine, but no video.

    I am having a problem with telecorder for skype. I have the program set to record remote sound (speaker only) and remote Webcam only, but when it records, it says it is recording 3 audio streams and 0 video. When I review the saved file it has only the remote sound recorded.

    I am using telecorder version which I believe is the most recent version.
    I am using skype which I also believe is the most recent.

    I have both start automatically with windows and start recording calls automatically checked.

    Please help with this issue, as basically the program is not doing what I want it to do.

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    Default Re: Sound records fine, but no video.

    Please make sure that when you installed the program that Skype was closed and not in the taskbar. If you did not do this uninstall our program and try again. If you continue to have an issue then contact tech support.

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