Yesterday May 30 2013, none of my auto record sessions would run (Replay AV8). Simultaneously I could not contact ANY Applian site, and received a bounce back "browse from cache - site offline" message. I tried every known remedy and used the URL finder for possible new packet URLS and sometimes got the dreaded "711kb" dead file. I removed and reinstalled RAV8 with no joy. I've experience these "dead days" using AV8 from time to time, but this is the first time I accidentally correlated the total failure of AV8 with the suspiciously simultaneous breakdown of Applian web site servers. Does my RAV8 have to be in sync with a "phone home" server for some DRM RIAA political feedback? Was the Applian staff out on a long weekend and the servers crashed while no one was home?

Try empathize this from my POV. I had to resort to using a QT portable browser which will play Townhall Saleminter-Activision player, and FF17xESR using Flash which runs i-Heart radio player HTML5 and integrated Flash, and reduce my capacity to two (2) sound card analog radio streams captured using Audacity. I also wasted three hours fiddling with this in the process. Another thing I would like to see RR9 is the ability to FORCE QUIT a locked "eternal fail to reconnect" which freezes RAV8. Sometimes I have to use the Win TaskMgr to kill those endless loops.

I just checked my sched8.bat files and reinstated all my pending stream captures after checking their reliable functioning. All my RAV8 stream capture sessions are working today (May 31). All my URL stream capture settings on five commercial AM stations that did not function on May 30 are now functioning. Well, I should say as far as I know they will connect and record for a few seconds while testing.

What is the cause of these bizarre anomalies whereby the RAV8 multiple stream capture facility is totally kaput, while normal browsing, URL video (random radio analog feed, Youtube/Brietbart etc) capability remains unimpaired? What I am getting at is that the normal capability of my reliable WinXP AMD FM1 system remained functioning while the only breakdown was RAV8. It was giving my very suspicious "check your firewall" warnings while my Firefox, QT and IE8 Browser's and other functions were experiencing unimpeded normal connectivity to the internet. Not just one station by five different URL audio streams from five different cities across the USA were "blocked". Nothing wrong with the capability of the PC to run audio/video files or flash videos, just a total incapacity of the RAV8 recorder in suspicious synchronicity with your downed servers.

Not angry, just curious. Thanks, still love the product.