I have been using Replay A/V to do scheduled recordings for many years, recordings of a show I later split into individual tunes using Media Splitter. I noticed that one recording on one particular Sunday, May 5, created a huge MP3 file, six times larger than normal (307 MB), which played back that much slower. All subsequent recordings, from subsequent Sundays, have been fine. The playback "Bit rate" under the file's Windows 7 Properties > Details is 128 kbps; that is the normal rate for the stream, as well; I don't know if I have control over the playback rate, or if I can convert the file to both bring it down in size and play it back at the correct speed. Please help me recover this recording. (Why won't this editor allow me to start new paragraphs?!) I started having a different kind of problem from this particular stream, about a year ago, which I reported to Cheryl Wester, directly (Aug 1, 2012), which prevented me from properly splitting the thus-created MP3 file with Media Splitter, and which I overcame by setting Replay A/V's "Show Properties" > Basic > "After Recording, Convert to:" to "Audio - MP3 (128 Kbps)", which resulted in files named "<original filename>.MP3.MP3"; in other words, Replay A/V didn't mind (automatically) converting an MP3 file it created to an MP3 file that worked as normal with Media Splitter, which it couldn't get right the first time; this workaround solution still works today; I'm still hoping it will get fixed by Applian Tech. MP3 streaming standards have probably changed, and the latest version of Replay A/V is not keeping up with them, though the Converter it invokes is, as I have updated the whole package on 7/29/12.