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Thread: Outline for Replay Radio 9 - sys Req / Features?

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    Default Outline for Replay Radio 9 - sys Req / Features?

    I may be forced to purchase a Win7 system with the end of XP support. Could you publish an outline showing OS compatibility, system req, feature set and general spec for the coming RR9? Please send link if such an outline already exists.

    I'd prefer to convert all my systems ti Linux, but there is no equivalent to AV8 stream capture that runs on Linux as of now. I've tried WINE with poor results. My primary AV entertainment and communications box is Ubuntu/Mint. Any plan to port RR9 to a Debian Linux compatible pkg?

    When I began using Applian AV products (v4.x/ Win98), I seem to remember they auto started my PC. Somewhere around v6-7, this feature dropped. Am I correct? I have to set the BIOS power-on option to auto start WinXP. I'd prefer to have the AV scheduler interact with the BIOS and power-up the PC at recording time.

    Twice a year at "spring forward" and "fall back" the DST clocks go wrong ( AV v8.83 and all previous versions) and must be manually reset. I hope some attention will be applied so that DST time sync will work correctly.

    Replay AV8 has been a wonderful utility for daily capture of multiple world wide news and talk radio sources. I want to continue my daily recording routines and consistent access to important information using Applian products. I just want to express my appreciation for the good work. I'm especially impressed by your ability to keep up with the constant moving target codec and file packet challenges from commercial Radio/TV and your reliable auto conversion to MP3 playback format for use in portable devices. The URL Finder utility has been especially useful. Very excellent, thanks.

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    Default Re: Outline for Replay Radio 9 - sys Req / Features?

    I don't have particulars on the new program yet as I haven't seen it. It is going to have a schedule and it is going to work on PCs. Thanks.

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