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Thread: Browser hangs with 'Connecting'

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    Default Browser hangs with 'Connecting'

    I am a brand new user. I only registered this morning on a Free Trial basis. I have 2 problems when trying to record (from Spotify):

    1. When I click Open Browser to Record, it opens up a new IE window which gets as far as 'Connecting' but no further (no matter how long I wait)

    2. If I then click OK, I am asked by Replay Music to specify the file name of an Open Recording Session. Presumably, this is a NEW file name that I am specifying here, but when I input a name I get the error 'Unable to Open Recording Session File'.

    Help please?

    I use Windows XP on this computer and never use IE - I always use Firefox but I can't see anything in Replay Music's Settings to vary this. I can use IE perfectly OK outside of Replay Music.

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    Default Re: Browser hangs with 'Connecting'


    Please don't check open recording session or save recording session on the dialog box that comes up when you select start recording. Now, give it a try. If you continue to have an issue contact tech support with details and a log file.

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