hi everyone.
i run windows 7, and m trying the trial version of the replay media catcher.
at start up i get notification to start recording. once recording I start the rick dees streaming radio. but no recording in the progress and also nofiles are written in the specified folder.
i can record live by audio recorder, but it only records real time , does not quick download like the website claims.

im trying to download the rick top 40 as mentioned in your website, all multiple segments all at once

Replay Media Catcher
The best way to record Rick Dees weekly top 40 is to use Replay Media Catcher. Just open Replay Media Catcher, click Record, and then start playing the radio show. Once you hear the audio, click the "Next Track" button in the media player, and the second part of the show will begin capturing (even while the first is recording). Do this for all segments and you�ll have captured the entire show in 30 seconds or so."
please help