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Thread: Recording iHeart stations

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    Default Recording iHeart stations

    Does Replay A/V record iHeart Radio stations? If so, how can I do it?

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    If the files are audio recording probably not. This is due to changes in technology and one of the reasons we stopped selling this program a year ago. If it is a stream capture link then it should work-the majority are audio capture I believe, however.

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    I find I must record iHeart as a Stereo Mix analog (sound card) session. It only works for me using IE browser. I use IE8 in SandboxIE, (isolated from file system) but you can use it "Raw". Goto your radio station site and click on "Listen Now" and if you don not have flash loaded it will invoke a flash installer page. Allow activeX and click Yes on file download dialog. Click DOWNLOAD but uncheck McAfee on the Adobe flash installer page. Clean up all the misc flash and adobe pages after the install of the flash Plug-in player. Click on "Listen Now" again on the iHeart radio station page. Another player page will pop-up and after a few seconds will (probably) ask you to "register" as a listener. If you do not register it will quit playing after about one minute. Fill in the registration w/ fake e-mail and password (just make up something plausible with a nearby zip-code), and accept the "terms and conditions". It will then congratulate you and announce you are logged-in and will continue to play through your sound card. Use AV Quick Record or set-up a scheduled recording for this station. You will have to manually load the station as described above prior to each session, and of course you are limited to this single recording track as any other input or playback audio will overdub. Set your output to convert flv to to 64 or 128bit MP3. I've had very good luck with URL finder for obtaining stream capture on many flv stations that are not cataloged in AV Media Guide. iHeart is the exception and can only be recorded as a Stereo Mix analog out single source.

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