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Thread: Trouble after plugin update

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    Default Trouble after plugin update


    I started replay media catcher tonight and notice it updated two plugins. I have not used it since last week sometime.

    Tonight, for some reason, I was having trouble with firefox, chrome, even IE. At first I thought it was my internet connection, but after rebooting and trying several other things I noticed that I was only having trouble with Replay Media Catcher running. If I started running RMC, I would again have trouble. In fact, I had trouble even after I would exit RMC until I also exited out of the browser.

    When RMC was running it would take over a minute to load in a website (even google). Most of the time I would just cancel out... Also, it seemed like the browser was running pretty slow. Like I said, when RMC wasn't running everything seemed fine. It didn't matter what website I tried to go to.

    I have no idea why I'm seeing this behavior, but thought I would post this in case others were having issues too. I'm on Vista.

    Thanks for any info!

    - Dave.

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    Default RMC Info

    I didn't have RMC running before (because of the issues involved) here is info from my program:

    Replay Media Catcher [Version: 3.01] [Build Date: Sep 12 2008 (15:09:00)] R: 1
    Current Date/Time: Sun Nov 30 18:05:02 2008
    Plug-In: plugin_zhttp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zicy []
    Plug-In: plugin_zrtmp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zrtsp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zskhttp []
    Internal: ahook []
    Internal: gopher []
    Internal: MusicDNSLib []
    Windows: Service Pack 1 [6.0.6001]
    Browser: Internet Explorer [UAC: 1] [7.0.6001.18000]
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox [3.0.4 (en-US)]

    I'm also running Flash version 9.

    - Dave.

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    This usually is just a problem which calls for a reboot. I know you said you rebooted... But, if you could, could you try rebooting or logoff/logon to free Media Catcher from memory and try one more time.


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    Default fixed

    I tried rebooting...but that didn't fix it. I downloaded the software again and rei-installed. I thought I might be able to choose to not install the plugin updates...but they happen automatically. The one error I received was on the gopher plugin update. It said the file was in use.

    I tried running the fresh install and had the same behavior. I then decided to shutdown (rather than reboot). When my system came back up...all is well. Not sure if the shutdown was the 'fix' or not. I remembered that at times rebooting doesn't clear everything....

    Thanks for the help and response! - Dave.

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