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Thread: Video Recorder not functioning.

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    Default Video Recorder not functioning.

    I had freecorder 5 and was working perfectly in Win XP, unfortunately I upgraded to Windows 7 and saw Freecorder 7. I installed Freecorder 7 and checked if I could download streaming videos not from youtube. The error automatically pops up this message:

    "Your network adapter could not be identified.

    On the next screen please select the adapter you are using from the drop down list.

    If no network adapters are listed please ensure that WinPcap is installed. You may need to reboot your machine."

    It suggested that I install WinPcap, which I did. The error message above still kept popping up. I'm out of solutions. Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: Video Recorder not functioning.

    Please go to From there you will be able to submit a tech support ticket. Thanks.

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