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Thread: sync problem video lags audio

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    Default sync problem video lags audio

    I'm recording streaming movies from an IE window. The recording starts out OK. But as time goes on the video lags behind the audio. By the end of 30 minutes its off by several seconds. Video is otherwise smooth but the sync problem is disconcerting

    Please advise.

    I'm running Vista64 on a 2.1GHz T8100 dual core 4GB Ram system.
    RVC settings ar 6000 videobitrate, 25 fps, 256kbps sound.


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    Hi Josh,

    I would like you to go into the Settings of Replay Video Capture by clicking the "Settings" button, then click the "Audio Setup/Test button."

    We are interested in what is listed under the Audio Sources. Is there anything there besides the Universal Audio Driver?

    If so, when each of the other options are selected, is there a "Wave," "Stereo Mix," "What-U-Hear" or anything along those lines listed under "Audio Inputs" (The column just to the right)? For example, My Audio Inputs says Stereo Mix, Line-In, Microphone and a few others..

    Looking forward to your response.
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    Default captured video lags sound

    Thank Jeff. Not much to see for Recording sources. Just Microphone Array (Sigmatel) is the only option under Select Audio Source. In the Sound control panel also I just see Microphone Array and Microphone/Line In as the only two options. Rt. Click/show diabled devices doesn't add anything to the dialog.

    Hope this sheds some light.

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