I recently upgraded to the new versions in The Replay Capture Suite.

While the new upgrade works fine it prevents now the launch of my other Green Screen program Adobe Ultra CS3 which has been very stable on Windows XP.

I am very carefull on what I load on my editing machine and your program is the only new app I've added to it in over a month.

I first tried to repair the Ultra install then a total reinstall to no avail.

Looking first to Adobe I found references of a similar aborted launch issue due to a few select codecs loaded by other 3rd party programs. This rang a bell.

The solution was to remove the offending codec "or" update a complicated ignore file in the Ultra registry so it can launch. (I'm not sure the details to do that.)

So my question to you is of all the programs in your new Replay Suite which programs might have caused the issue by loading new codecs to my PC. My thought is that if I would remove the offending application and maybe load it on a different PC if it is one I would use.

2nd question is when I uninstall does it take the codecs with it or do I need to extract it manually?

I don't just want to take all your programs off as I like them to much and would like to use them on my editing PC if I can.