View Full Version : New User ... what am I doing wrong?

Ken Jacobs
11-10-2008, 09:00 PM
Hi ...

I'm a :confused: new user, and have just started capturing music. I was recording "Martini in the Morning" (great station!) for a few hours today. I captured (using automatic splitting of the stream) several songs, which appeared to be tagged properly, but ...

1. Some of the songs have a "pop" at the beginning. Is there some setting I can use to avoid that?

2. More troublesome is that the songs all have a Title of "Martini in the Morning", and the Artist is "Replay A/V Recording". The Album is tagged with the proper artist and name (though the name might be truncated), as in "Jack Jones - Angel Eyes". Obviously, the song was recognized, but the tags weren't put in the right meta data fields.

3. I couldn't import the files to iTunes right away (I think). I ran the MP3 Validator (see http://www.gromkov.com/faq/repair/mp3_validator.html) and it found "PROBLEMs" with each MP3. I "Fixed" them all, and there were no errors. I was then able to load into iTunes, but of course the songs are improperly categorized.

I didn't want to load the music straight into iTunes (I like controlling each step myself). So, I tried loading the music individually after each song. Until I fixed the songs, they didn't seem to go into iTunes at all, but it worked after I "fixed" them.

I may have chosen the wrong setting in Replay A/V, "Audio - MP3 (128 Kbps)", but it seemed right to me.

By the way, some of the splits didn't happen as expected (with DJ talking at the beginning of the song). I suppose this is because of a lack of silence, but that shouldn't be (should it?) given that the splitting is done on the basis of Shoutcast MP3 tags.

Help, anyone?