View Full Version : Capturing Audio from Java script players

10-11-2008, 06:54 PM
I note that several radio stations I use can no longer (I think) be captured via regular stream capture, the preferred method. Their web sites have Java script players, and URL finder does not find any usable URL's. As a workaround, I start the web page and player outside of Replay A/V with a scheduled macro and just record the audio using General Streaming Audio/Stereo Mix with the "Mute sound while recording" option selected. Replay is set to the same schedule as the macro. It would be much more elegant to simply capture these streams directly. I've tried using Media Catcher, and it doesn't work either. (It would be nice to include the Media Catcher engine inside of Replay A/V somehow... feature request.)

Examples of stations I would like to capture:

http://www.wrfd.com/ Quite a few stations use this same system; if I could figure one out, I could probably get them all. These are continuous streams.

http://www.oneplace.com/Ministries/Grace_to_You/ This is an individual program which plays for 28 minutes and then is done. I use the Windows Player to get this one. I don't use the available podcast/mp3 download feature for this program because OnePlace.com recently downgraded all of their mp3 download/podcast feeds to 32 kbps, and they don't sound very good. I get better actual sound quality from just recording the player while it streams.

NOTE: The KKLA Media Guide stream capture URL for the above program (Grace to You) no longer works; they use the same Java script player system as WRFD, above.