View Full Version : RMC4 versus RP4 question

shaggy scoob
01-09-2012, 11:40 AM
I was pretty much sold on Replay Music until I started investigating the benefits of Replay Media Catcher. I've looked at all the faqs, guides, and vids and both seem to be very good products. I was curious about RMC4's audio recording. That is probably the main focus of my purchase. Does RMC4 pretty much retain all the functionality of Replay Music? Main points being, does it allow for mutltiple bitrates (128k, 196k, VBR?) and does it retrieve the newley added feature of album art when auto-tagging? I know RMC brings alot more to the table, but at twice the price of RM, I wonder if i would be more satisfied with the latter. Thanks in advance.