View Full Version : Cue points less then 1 s apart - cannot seek

10-08-2008, 01:55 AM

I've been struggling to create a seekable FLV in which every frame is a keyframe (keyint=1) and has a navigation cuepoint attached to it. This means I want to have multiple cue points per second. I'm using mencoder to create the flv from a series of png images, and have used flvtool2 to inject cue point metadata. I have had to add a small patch to flvtool2 to make it honour millisecond precision timestamps (instead of rounding to integer seconds)

When playing the resulting FLV in applian FLV player, I can see all cuepoints (which are less then 1 s apart) passing by as the status bar displays the cue point anmes and their correct (to the millisecond) time.

However, when i pause the video and then try to seek it, I can only seek to INTEGER seconds.

Why can't I seek to the cue points flv player is detecting? Is it a limitation of Flash, the player, or more likely, is it possible to create a broken flv in which cue points have been defined but no player can seek into them?