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09-30-2008, 05:06 PM

I have been using Replay A/V for awhile now, and have been generally happy with it. However, I would like to capture and convert a Hulu screencast for later viewing on my Sprint Treo 755p. I am capturing on a Vista notebook (Sony Vaio) but have disabled User Account Control, so videos do show up in the window that lists potential capture streams. However, I cannot seem to capture the correct stream.

I am currently trying to capture the video Master and Commander. I start Replay A/V (8.31) and open the recording wizard. I select "Record something right now," and "Capture a video clip or audio archive from the internet." The Stream Capture window appears. I ensure "Show SWF" files is checked, and then I navigate to the Hulu page where the movie shows up. I arrange the windows so I can watch the Recent Audio/Video URLs window. At the moment the leader ad is finished and the movie starts, a new real: stream appears. I select that stream, and click "Add Selection as New Recording."

The Edit Show Properties window appears. I give it a descriptive name, and select "After Recording, Convert to Video - 3gp (15 fps)," then click OK. The new recording appears in the Replay A/V window, shows Connecting, and then almost immediately shows Preparing to Convert, and then Converting and the Converter window appears. Shortly thereafter, the show then indicates Unscheduled. If I go to the appropriate capture folder, there is a video there, converted to 3gp format, but it is a short advertisement, not the desired video. If I go back and try again to play and capture the video (that shows just fine in my browser window), no new streams show up in the capture window. The web page I am navigating to to show the video is:


and the stream capture URL that got recorded is:

http://web5.lightningcast.net/servlets/getPlaylist?tname=FilmBreak&nwid=55212&content=3811279&adType=&adsRatingOverride=&level=Action+and+Adventure:MV001314180000&attr=[Daypart,][ContentProvider,Twentieth+Century+Fox+Film+Corpora tion][Series,MV001314180000][Episode,MV001314180000][ContentID,3811279][rating,PG-13][contenttype,non-promo][AdModel,longform][pid,-QXwKpm79wEHT7CX582lq-R2hTiGTCJQ][Distro,Hulu][Pod,2][AdType,Film][ChanType,Primary][Channel,Action%20and%20Adventure][Subchannel,Action%20and%20Adventure][DistroPlatform,Hulu][playlocation,site][acceptbanner,true][brand,Random][version,2][env,prod]&ver=2.0&client=fc1.8&fv=WIN%209,0,124,0&crlen=t&baudit=client&format=Video-Flash-700-480x360&uid=463867721&audit=param&resp=SMIL&pu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ehulu%2Ecom%2Fplayer%2Eswf&clen=8213000

Another stream I tried was:

http://web5.lightningcast.net/servlets/getPlaylist?tname=FilmBreak&nwid=55212&content=3811279&adType=&adsRatingOverride=&level=Action+and+Adventure:MV001314180000&attr=[Daypart,][ContentProvider,Twentieth+Century+Fox+Film+Corpora tion][Series,MV001314180000][Episode,MV001314180000][ContentID,3811279][rating,PG-13][contenttype,non-promo][AdModel,longform][pid,-QXwKpm79wEHT7CX582lq-R2hTiGTCJQ][Distro,Hulu][Pod,2][AdType,Film][ChanType,Primary][Channel,Action%20and%20Adventure][Subchannel,Action%20and%20Adventure][DistroPlatform,Hulu][playlocation,site][acceptbanner,true][brand,Random][version,2][env,prod]&ver=2.0&client=fc1.8&fv=WIN%209,0,47,0&crlen=t&baudit=client&format=Video-Flash-700-480x360&uid=463867721&audit=param&resp=SMIL&pu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ehulu%2Ecom%2Fplayer%2Eswf%3F %5Fr%3D154691222818793197&clen=8213000

...but it was also an ad.

Looking for any suggestions that might help. Thanks.

Cheryl Wester
10-01-2008, 11:26 AM
For Hulu you will need to use Replay Media Catcher. It does a great job so give it a try.